ARM Money Market Fund

Effective Yield: 8.226%

Are you preparing for that special day, payment of school fees, acquisition of an asset, holiday, furthering your education, or growing capital for a business? Here is a more rewarding way to save!
With the ARM Money Market Fund (ARM MMF) you get a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account.

Preserve your capital and generate a steady stream of income with ARM Money Market Fund. The ARM Money Market Fund is a low risk fund suitable for Investors who have cash in their current and savings account and wish to earn a higher return without paying withholding tax.

Key Benefits

When you invest, you get unique benefits

  • Preserve capital
  • Quarterly interest payments
  • Easy and flexible entry and exit
  • Competitive interest rates

What the Fund Invests in

The Fund invests your money in:

  • Government securities: 25% – 95%
  • Other money market instruments: 5% – 75% Bankers’ Acceptances, certificates of deposits, commercial papers, collaterised repurchase agreements etc.

Minimum Investment

There is no maximum amount you can invest; however, the minimum investment is N1,000.00, while additional investment shall be in amounts not less than N1,000.00. You can make flexible deposits with QuickTeller, Cheque, Direct, Debits, and Debit/Credit Cards.

More Facts

In addition to competitive interest rates, the ARM MMF also provides quick access to your money, regular tax free returns and professional fund management.

Do more with that money and earn superior rewards with the ARM Money Market Fund – Invest now!

For more information, please see some Frequently asked questions