ARM Fixed Income Fund

The ARM Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended, moderate risk mutual fund designed to help you achieve your medium to long term goals. The Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities which includes money market instruments less than one year (Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Bank Placements etc.), FGN and Corporate Bonds with acceptable credit ratings and other bond issues by the DMO and other money market or fixed income securities the fund is permitted to invest in under the Trust Deed.

Key Benefits

  • Access to a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities which provides a more stable source of income than equity-based investments and can help lower portfolio volatility over time.
  • Income: Fixed income securities are typically designed to generate a consistent stream of income, often to help supplement your existing income or create one in retirement.
  • Affordable as it requires an initial investment of a minimum of N5,000 and additional contribution in multiples of N500.
  • Easy Investment tracking online.
  • Multiple & Convenient Payment options.
  • Expert fund management.

How to Begin

  • Download and complete the subscription form
  • Send the completed form and supporting documents: passport photograph; copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card); specimen Signature; and, Utility Bill to

Key Features

  • Suitable for medium – long term investments.
  • Open ended mutual fund.
  • Competitive returns. 25% of the profits for each year will be reinvested, while 75% will be distributed to unitholders pro rata based on their units.
  • Registered with the Securities Exchange Commisssion.
  • The Fund invests in high quality fixed income securities.

More Facts

  • The Fund invests 70% – 100% of its investment in FGN bonds, while 10% – 30% of its investment will be invested in quality money market instruments including FGN Treasury Bills, Bankers’ Acceptances, Commercial Papers, Promissory Notes, Certificates of Deposit and other Fixed Income instruments.
Please read the Prospectus and where in doubt, consult your stockbroker, fund/portfolio manager, accountant, banker, solicitor or any other professional adviser for guidance before subscribing.