ARM Euro Bond Fund

The ARM Eurobond Fund – an open-ended, moderate risk mutual fund that is invested in Dollar-denominated Eurobond floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and top tier Nigerian corporates. Subscribers to the Fund, will enjoy competitive returns on their US dollars denominated investment in the fund. The fund is more suitable for investors seeking medium to long-term capital growth

Key Benefits

  • Affordable investing as you only need to make a minimum initial investment of $1,000 and additional contributions in multiples of $100.
  • Professional fund management expertise.
  • A good hedge against depreciation of the Naira.

How to Begin

  • Download and complete the subscription form
  • Send the completed form and supporting documents: passport photograph; copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card); specimen Signature; and, Utility Bill to

Key Features

  • Unit holders will be entitled to distribution of dividends of 75% of profit each year, while 25% will be automatically reinvested on their behalf in proportion to their unit holding.
  • Unit holders may elect to invest the dividends paid to them.

More Facts

  • The Fund invests 70% – 100% of its investment in Eurobond, while 40% – 60% of its investment will be invested in Short Term USD Instruments
  • The Fund Manager uses its expertise to determine where to invest in line with the approved asset allocation.

Investment Management

  • Safety and growth.
Please read the Prospectus and where in doubt, consult your stockbroker, fund/portfolio manager, accountant, banker, solicitor or any other professional adviser for guidance before subscribing.