ARM Aggressive Growth Fund

Bid: 20.59 Offer: 21.21

The ARM Aggressive Growth Fund is suitable for investors who want high capital growth over the long term to meet objectives such as education funding, property acquisition or leaving a legacy for loved ones.

Key Benefits

  • Grow your wealth over the long term with returns above inflation
  • Earn multiple returns through capital appreciation and dividends

What the fund invests in

  • Equities – (70% – 100%)
  • Fixed Income – (0% – 30%)

The proportion of the Fund invested in each of the asset classes will vary within the ranges provided as the market environment changes, and their potential risk and return change. However, the proportion will always remain within the ranges above.

Minimum Investment

  • Minimum initial investment: N50,000
  • Minimum additional investment: N10,000

Investment Strategy

The Fund invests primarily in equities and as such seeks to provide superior long-term protection against inflation. The high risk of equities is lowered by also investing in fixed income securities, which provide a fairly predictable income stream and easy access to your money.

More Facts

  • Type of Fund – Open-ended. This simply means that you can sell or buy into the Fund whenever they want.
  • Inception Date – The ARM Aggressive Growth Fund was started in April 2004
  • Listing – Memorandum listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 2007
  • Management Type – The Fund is managed on a discretionary basis, which simply means that the fund manager can take decisions to buy and sell assets without referring to the clients for every transaction.
  • Management Fees – 1.5% of Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund
  • Fund Manager – ARM Investment Managers
  • Trustee – First Trustee (a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Plc)
  • Registrar – First Registrars (a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Plc)
  • Investment Tracking – Access to investment account online
  • Custodian – Citibank Nigeria Limited
  • Payment Options – Online Payment is available via the online portal and you can set up a standing instruction with your bank for periodic payments.