ARM Wrap

Multiple Investment Solutions; One Package

We all have diverse investment/savings goals that are poised to address key milestones in our lives which include but are not limited to: children’s education, home purchase, loan repayment, lifestyle funding, vacation/leisure funding, investing for or leaving a legacy for wards/beneficiaries; retirement, etc.

The ARM Wrap is a bespoke combination of personalised investment solutions bundled with Insurance Protection and Trust Services designed to meet the spectrum of investors’ needs while taking into consideration  the different risk appetites and investment horizon of individual investors.

Personal Investment Solutions

The investment portfolio is a blend of traditional asset classes such as fixed income and equities in Naira denominated bouquets, catering to different financial obligations.

Protection Plans  for your Wealth

The Policy (or Protection Plan) gives you peace of mind about future expenses in the event of unforeseen  circumstances resulting in your inability to earn the money you and your family need. It guarantees your investment objectives are not disrupted, while ensuring your family and loved ones get a payout for necessities.

Trusts that keeps your legacy intact 

The investment portfolio would be held through a Trust for your benefits and those of your nominated beneficiaries. A Trust is a flexible estate planning tool which ensures that your loved ones are taken care of during and after your lifetime.

Get the ARM Advantage

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