My Passion. My Future (Summer Event)

What are your teens up to this summer?

Our 2019 teen summer program for ages 13 – 17 years will be commencing soon and it promises to be fun and educative.

This will be an opportunity to learn and network with other teenagers their age. There will also be experiences surrounding:

  • Developing leadership skills, interactive skills, quality of contributions to discussions, teamwork, division of labour, creativity, timely approach to task, team bonding and punctuality
  • Networking amongst children from different schools
  • Internalizing team work through group projects
  • Career and Mental Wellbeing – Discover their passion, manage their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Saving and Investing – Learn how to grow their pocket money and learn how to make money
  • Exploring hobbies and interests
  • Video biographies of renowned entrepreneurs; sports men; artist and corporate professionals
  • Inspiration from renowned professionals including lawyers, medical doctors, academics, pilots, actresses/actors, chefs and musicians
  • Outdoor excursions
  • A field trip to our Lakowe golf course to cultivate the basics of playing golf and other cerebrally engaging games

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